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13 Dec , 2017  




我也找到了别网站叫 《The Chairman‘s Bao》为都中文学生和中国人。你可以订购博客读中国新闻或者看视频。文章和视频都是中文的。在网页的底部,你可以看到中文词汇和语法。最后你可以挑到难度的中文,有HSK 1到6 水平。此外美国人可以读关于中国文化。比如:中国黄道十二宫,成语,和龙舟。




Hello everyone! Today I found a good website called “a moment.” This is a Chinese blog with articles, there are three to seven minutes long fictional blog. Every blog has full Chinese text. I really like this site because I love learning new stories. I think this helps my Chinese classmates. So they can improve Chinese hearing and reading.


I also found a website called “The Chairman’s Bao” for all Chinese students and Chinese. You can order blogs to read Chinese news or watch videos. Articles and videos are Chinese. At the bottom of the page, you can see Chinese vocabulary and grammar. Finally you can pick the difficulty of Chinese, HSK 1 to 6 levels. In addition, Americans can read about Chinese culture. For example: Chinese zodiac signs, idioms, and dragon boat.

Well, that’s it. Thank you for my video!


The Chairman’s Bao

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