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中国航天科技集团公司 —— 天气改倡议

26 Apr , 2018  

最近出版物关于技术性程序已经报道来自南华早报。在西赞安装中国航天科技集团公司的大天气机。倡议的意向创建更多雨因为需要额外水收集。技术的不是一项新发明,然而这是最大的天气机器的类型。目前500台机器部署在西藏和新疆,面积大小对于这个项目它是160万平方公里(620000平方英里)完成后。很多批评上项目的关于它如何也许不会造成降雨在特定区。中国已经启动该“天河”(Sky River)项目不管消极意见,结果当然耐人寻味。

The South China Morning Post has recently reported recent technological initiatives. The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation intends to build large weather altering machines in Tibet. The intention of this project is to generate more rainwater in the area that can be collected. This is not innovative technology, however it will be the largest project of its kind. There are currently 500 units already deployed in Tibet and Xinjiang, the size of the area for this project will be 1.6 million square kilometers (620,000 square miles) once completed. There is a lot of criticism towards the project about how it might not generate rainfall in the designated area. China has already launched the “Tianhe” (Sky River) project despite negative opinions, and the results are sure to be intriguing.

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