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Mugumya Charine Curation Project 2

15 Dec , 2018  

Towards the end of the semester, we started learning more about chinese idioms and poems. The idioms and poems we watched  in class were both entertaining and meaningful. I decided to look for one myself and came upon this idiom story on determination. I found the meaning of this story very true as hardwork and determination payoff in someway.





17 Mar , 2018  


Recently, Xi Jinping was appointed as a president of China with no term limits. Also, the Chinese Communist Party appointed a new vice president. This decision will set the course for China’s political environment over the next few decades. I’m interesting in following along with other decisions that the Chinese Communist Party will make in the future. Some people believe this decision is good, because they think it will give Xi Jinping enough time to fix any issues with the current Chinese economic growth model. Others believe that this decision is not good, and will mean that it will take longer for China to become more liberal.

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乒乓球進化史 首位世界冠軍原來係香港人 – YouTube

3 Oct , 2017  


This video is about the history of Ping Pong. I think that this video is very useful, because we are studying sports and hobbies in Chinese. In Chinese American history, Ping pong is also a very important sport. Ping pong is my favorite sport. This video’s speaker talks very quickly, but I can still understand some of it. Because this video has subtitles, it makes it allows Chinese students to comprehend a lot of the information. This video also has many famous people: Mao Ze Dong and Nixon. Now I know that ping pong is an incredibly important sport. Please watch the video!

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