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Journey to Fluency
Alias: Fang Yi Shan 方依珊

This website is created through VCU rampage.

This website is intended and is open for Mandarin learners who are interested in going beyond textbooks and the classroom. In this website, I will share personal stories and records about my  Chinese learning experience.  In addition, I will be adding lesson plans that will be useful for Chinese learners. In the near future, I may expand the website to include mine or friends’  contribution to the website (study abroad experience, etc.)

I also would like to point out that, I intend to make this website personal, so there will be casual language in my posts. This website is not a teaching website, it is intended to share methods of learning Mandarin.

The menu bar [above] allows you to see each page within this website. Each page has a special role. Read below.

WELCOME – [This page] 
The page you are reading now is the welcome page. Above you can view the purpose of my website and why I created this website.

ABOUT ME – FAQ on Mandarin experience
  A page briefly describing my interest in the Mandarin language, in Q&A style.

MAIN POSTS – Documentation of my Journey
If you navigate through the drop-down menu,  my journey is placed in the chronological order that it happened. If you navigate by clicking on the page, you will see recent posts.

LEARNING METHOD – A way to learn Mandarin Chinese
 Everyone has their own method of learning a language.  My method may or not be effective for language learners, but it is worth sharing.

NEW! (2019)  – I have released a documentary on my Youtube channel about my journey in Taiwan. I initially planned to write months by months about my experience in Taiwan however, it could all be done visually with storytelling.

The website was created as part of a major assignment in Chinese II and Chinese III at VCU. It at its truest form documents my Chinese typing skills and vocabulary. It also shows how far I have progressed in typing simple sentences to a little more complex sentences.

Purpose of the above website:
To apply Mandarin skills to write blog posts.

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Updated on:  07.20.18
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