I had never considered using reddit for much of anything in the past but using it exploring it these past couple weeks has been really interesting! As I was browsing through some of the education centered subreddits, I found a lot of cool articles and people asking questions for other reddit users to answer for them. I thought this was really cool and while you have to take some of the stuff people say with a grain of salt, some of the responses seemed to be pretty helpful. I personally don’t see any constraints for teachers to use it for their own professional development because all it is, is an outlet to find information from people who are in the same boat as you. As long as you go into it understanding that some of the answers won’t be helpful at all, some of them really could be. On the end of using reddit for the classroom, I don’t think it is appropriate. Maybe high school students could handle reddit but I think other, safer, platforms could be used instead. There are too many places for young students to either be exposed to inappropriate information or false information in general. I don’t think twitter is a good platform for young students to use either. Unlike reddit, I could see twitter being used for the parents of students to follow your teacher account to maybe keep the class updated on things that are happening in the classroom, but still for students, I don’t see any reason why they would need to use twitter or reddit.