Welcome to Cultivating Inclusive Learning Environments

Cultivating Inclusive Learning Environments is an elective course in the IExcel Education’s Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Certificate Program.

This course is designed for academic and administrative leaders seeking to cultivate ideas, skills, and strategies for building an inclusive learning environment, e.g., implementing practices where ALL students/learners are valued, a diversity of learning preferences are considered and enable participation, and barriers to learning are removed.

Learning Objectives

  • Reflect on own awareness, attitudes, and values about inclusive practices
  • Discover and analyze key approaches to building an inclusive learning environment
  • Use the principles of backward design to develop inclusive learning objectives, assessments, and learning activities/instruction
  • Create practical artifacts such as a diversity and inclusion statement for a course syllabus or other learning setting, and an ongoing list of inclusive teaching resources
  • Develop a plan for integrating inclusive practices into one’s own teaching or other professional work
  • Develop a plan for disseminating inclusive teaching and classroom practices to colleagues and department/unit faculty

This video provides an overview of what you’ll be learning in this course and an introduction to your instructor:

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