Cameron’s Interprofessional Care

Video description: Cameron is playing Frisbee and falls, tearing his ACL in the process. He goes to the hospital to
receive treatment. After his surgery in the hospital Cameron is being treated by several
healthcare professionals: a nurse, physical therapist, and pharmacist. The nurse and PT are in
the room with Cameron and discuss his ability to stand up and then both help him to his feet.
Later the pharmacist joins the nurse and PT where they all collaborate on plans for his
discharge. Together they talk about what medications he should be on and what possible side
effects he may have that could interfere with his outpatient therapy. They agree on his plan and present it to him. Cameron is happy with the interprofessional care he receives and is able to play his favorite sport once again.

Submitted by team: 6-8A

Team Members: Cameron Birrell, Morgan Morrell, Michelle Flewitt, Ashley Andersen, Kelly O'Breine.

Team Facilitator: Carole Ivey