VCU first year students are reading The Circle. The purpose of this site is to take advantage of reading as a community, to knit together the many conversations people are having in many different places.

Two Ways to Play

There are two ways to add your voice. The simplest one is to add the #VCUcircle hashtag to tweets you want to add. You can also hashtag page numbers from the book to associate your comment with a particular page. For example adding #VCUcircle and #12 would tie your tweet to conversations about page 12.

Add Your Blog

You can also use a variety of other platforms to add conversations larger than Twitter’s 140 characters. Just fill out the form below to participate.

Join up

  • If you plan on using Twitter
  • The web address - something like It would not be something generic like
  • Some classes are participating. If you're in one of these classes and need to link it up, list your professor's name here.

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