Circle Annotation #30

Mae needs to start using her brain here, a person who has access to nearly every locked door inside the Circle is not a “troublemaker.”  Kalden is clearly high up in the totem pole at the Circle, but Mae continues to believe that he is up to no good. #VCUcircle #219

Circle Annotation #29

When Mae is talking to Dan about her borrowing of the kayak she thinks of Annie and how Annie won’t be able to assist Mae in this scenario.  But Mae is forgetting about Annie’s image.  Annie may be looked down upon because the only reason Mae got the job was through Annie.  Now the Circle […]

Circle Annotation #28

Mae already seems down whenever she goes to work and now she has a giant cast of secrets are lies; sharing is caring; and privacy is theft in her work space.  It seems to be a big slap in the face to Mae because she really doesn’t want to adhere to these rules, but she […]

Circle Annotation #27

The SeeChange cameras have an adverse effect on the people being viewed by the cameras.  Mae could not sleep the night after she committed her “crime.”  Mae is now embarrassed and is thinking about never going back to Marion again, which she never does again.  Then I continue to think… Was the lone kayak placed […]

Circle Annotation #26

I do not understand why Kalden is asking Mae all of these questions about her coworkers.  Who are they?  Do you hang out with them often?  He should knwo who they are since Kalden is one of the three wise men.  I think that if Kalden told Mae his true identity sooner then Mae may […]

Circle Annotation #25

The book describes the shark as “circling, still ravenous, never stopping.”  The shark symbolizes the Circle.  The Circle is devouring everything in its path becoming a monopoly in its industry, the Circle will never stop until everyone is on board with their ideas and goals.  It is easy to tell that the shark symbolizes the […]

Circle Annotation #24

The Circle is finally almost on its way to completion!  But when Mae revealed to Annie that she knew about completion too, was she supposed to know?  The Circle is about to reveal this sensitive intellectual property out to the public.  “Privacy is Theft.”  There will be no more privacy for the Circle as a […]

Circle Annotation #23

Yet another screen is added to Mae’s work space?  When will the screens stop coming along?  The higher the RetailRaw score then the higher your ConversationRate increases too?  RetailRaw just seems like a pointless way to entice people to buy useless items when the consumer could have saved a few dollars in the long run […]

Circle Annotation #22

It was nice how Mae could get her parents on her health insurance coverage.  This eliminated a lot of stress for Mae’s parents and they both seem to be rather healthier.  But how does the Circle get access to all of these medications for a low price?  The increase in her parent’s health shows how […]

Circle Annotation #21

This is a reality check for Mae when Mercer tells her how he feels about her interaction with the Circle.  He is complaining that the two of them are never alone and would prefer face to face contact.  Mae is changing into a person that Mercer does not approve of anymore.  Strangers should not be […]

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