The Circle – Annotation #29

“She went to CE, knowing there she could be useful and that there, her efforts would be appreciated, immediately and demonstrably.” I didn’t realize it before reading this specific passage, but all of the surveys the Customer Experience sends out to create their aggregate score and personal scores serve another purpose – immediate, gratifying validation […]

The Circle – Annotation #28

“Once the gamificaton of shelter allotment and public housing in general was complete” First off, that is exactly how that fragment appears in the Circle, typo and everything. Gamification, however, is an interesting word choice for the context. A technology term forced into a social situation, gamification means the application of game thinking/game mechanics in other […]

The Circle – Annotation #27

The Circle’s voting system, Demoxie, is a combination of the words democracy and moxie. Etymology time – moxie is defined as a determination, nerve. However there is also an older soft drink named Moxie, and though it is debated about the origins of its name, it is believed to derive from an Algonquin/Abnaki word for […]

The Circle – Annotation #26

“Francis was being compared to Moses.” When thinking of the Red Sea and the Ten Commandments it was hard for me to see why. However, upon thinking it over, I understand the reference and think it’s an interesting use of intertextuality like discusses in Campbell and La Pastina’s article. When TruYouth (“formerly known as ChildTrack”) […]

The Circle – Annotation #25

“All morning Mae had watched these executives and doctors and officials stride happily through the grounds, heading for the just-built Hippocampus.” Okay so I actually like this one, it’s kind of punny. It’s also the first segment of the Circle’s grounds not named after a time period, but I like it. HippoCAMPUS. It’s a part […]

The Circle – Annotation #24

“Production on the cameras, which were as yet unavailable to consumers, went into overdrive. The manufacturing plant, in China’s Guangdong province, added shifts and began construction on a second factory to quadruple their capacity.” Mentioning the province in which the factory is located in the first place means Eggers wants you to know something about […]

The Circle – Annotation #23

“‘Have you heard of Project 9?’ Project 9, as far as Mae knew, was the all-envompassing name for the secret research being done at the Circle.” I thought secrets were lies and that privacy is a crime! How strangely hypocritical! Wouldn’t that make a secret research project unethical by the Circle’s standards? This is just […]

The Circle – Annotation #22

“One Circler found his own image caught on the congresswoman’s camera, and positioned his hand to cover his second, projected face.” This seemingly insignificant moment is implicative of the entire problem with transparency and the Circle in the novel. Everyone around a transparent person is being filmed non-consensually. This Circler, although a member of the […]

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