The Circle – Annotation #20

Following a similar line of thought – on page 187 Josiah belabors Mae about “how much knowledge is lost every day through this kind of shortsightedness” when Mae does not initially document or disclose her time on the bay. He ventures to call it selfish, indicating that each member of the Circle is undoubtedly entitled […]

The Circle – Annotation # 19

“‘I love women’s basketball. Have you followed my WNBA zings?’ ‘No, do you have a Zing feed about the WNBA?’ Josiah nodded, looking hurt, even bewildered.” “Josiah, still visibly shaken knowing that Mae hadn’t been reading his WNBA feed managed to find the number on his tablet” In a network of what seems to be […]

The Circle – Annotation #16

“The Circlers ringing the performance emitted an array of lights, some from their wrist monitors, some from their phones, out and aglow and capturing the proceedings.” Although it could be discussed at length about the way the people in the Circle screen what’s in front of them using their phones or how they heavily document every last […]

The Circle – Annotation #15

“She’d been feeling this, this black rip, this loud tear, within her, a few times a week. It didn’t usually last long, but when she closed her eyes she saw a tiny tear in what seemed to be black cloth, and through this tiny tear she heard the screams of millions of invisible souls.” Mae’s […]

The Circle – Annotation #14

“He’d given her speeches about organically sourced beef, about the early work of King Crimson, and each time it started with a deep breath, a breath that said Settle in, this will take a while and it will blow your mind” Turns out King Crimson is a real band, too. They have been together since 1968, […]

The Circle – Annotation #13

“Sabine was blond, sturdy, squinting.” “Now Mae noticed the tattoo on Sabine’s arm, the symbol for infinity.” (both p.56) Everytime the biochemist is referenced, since her name is Sabine and she is a woman, I only think of the Rape of the Sabine Women. The Sabine people occupied Italy before Rome was founded, and soon […]

The Circle – Annotation #12

“Mae knew that it could be true, that the sun could be her halo, that the leaves could exist to marvel at her every step to urge her on, to congratulate her on this Francis, what the two of them had done. They had celebrated their shimmering youth, their freedom, their wet mouths, and had […]

The Circle – Annotation #11

“They left the car, and wandered through the city, finding a Japanese souvenir shop open, and, next to it, also open, a gallery full of photorealistic paintings of photorealistic paintings of gigantic human haunches” I was able to visualize the paintings so clearly that I had thought that I must have seen the work of […]

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