The Circle – Annotation #9

“‘Okay, remember when they tried to do implants in Denmark?’” While discussing ChildTrack with Mae, Francis references the Danish government implanting tracking chips into children’s wrists to help prevent child abduction, but that it was not completely effective and that someone still forcibly removed the chips before murdering the children. While this exact incident did […]

The Circle – Annotation #8

All of the areas of the Circle’s campus are named after different time periods – Renaissance, Industrial Revolution, Iron Age, etc. The “Three Kingdoms” area is referenced multiple times, but I was unaware of the reference. It turns out the Three Kingdoms period in China that was not only one containing some of the largest […]

The Circle – Annotation #7

“‘See? It’s invisible. The only place it shows up in is this book.’” Mae is very delighted by this fancy “advanced fingerprint ink” but it really sounds just like something not very fancy or high tech at all that I remember coming out… “Mess free coloring. Won’t color on skin, furniture, or fabric! 3+” Only […]

The Circle – Annotation #6

“Well, it’s not like he’s in security-security. He’s not Mossad.” It’s interesting to me that Annie chooses the term Mossad. Mossad is the abbreviated name of the intelligence branch of the Israeli Intelligence Community.  Mossad reports directly to the prime minister, but focuses on intelligence and counterterrorism. It seems to me like the Shin Bet […]

The Circle – Annotation #4

“it was they who grew the company into the force that subsumed Facebook, Twitter, Google, and finally Alacrity, Zoopa, Jefe, and Quan.” I want to know what in the Circle’s universe all of these sites do. They are all named seemingly at random. Alacrity is defined as willingness, readiness or enthusiasm. Zoopa is already the […]

The Circle – Annotation #2

“were passing through the company’s new gallery where a half-dozen Basquiats hung” In case anyone isn’t familiar with the 70s-80s Primitivist painter… I don’t think his work fits the Circle’s aesthetic very much. More of a power symbol to own than an actual interest? Interesting as well because a lot of his topics in his art […]

The Circle – Annotation #1

“The doctor held out a silver bracelet, about three inches wide. Mae had seen health monitors on Jared and Dan, but theirs were made of rubber, and fit loosely. This one was thinner and lighter. ‘I think so. It measures your heart rate?’” Today at work I saw a commercial for a rubber heart rate […]

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