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“It was 2:02 when she arrived.” (Eggers 358) Mae is very specific about timing through out the book. Whether she speaks about having 5 minutes to get to another meeting, or 7 to eat lunch. she is more specific than a human should be when calculating timing. Is this possibly because Mae is somewhat robotic? […]

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Eggers does not use chapters, he uses book 1 book 2 and book 3. This shows the three phases of Mae’s take over. Book 1 she is a blank slate. She could possibly become corrupted or stay innocent. Book 2 Mae is being almost completely taken over, but the audience is still unsure of the […]

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“She turned to find Eamon Bailey behind her, wearing a sky blue shirt, smiling warmly at her” (Eggers 295) Bailey is made to sound as if he is the sun and the sky. Constantly watching over Mae and his image shining on to her. In Mae’s mind, she sees him as warm, though others would […]

The Circle – Annotation #29

“She went to CE, knowing there she could be useful and that there, her efforts would be appreciated, immediately and demonstrably.” I didn’t realize it before reading this specific passage, but all of the surveys the Customer Experience sends out to create their aggregate score and personal scores serve another purpose – immediate, gratifying validation […]

The Circle – Annotation #28

“Once the gamificaton of shelter allotment and public housing in general was complete” First off, that is exactly how that fragment appears in the Circle, typo and everything. Gamification, however, is an interesting word choice for the context. A technology term forced into a social situation, gamification means the application of game thinking/game mechanics in other […]

The Circle – Annotation #27

The Circle’s voting system, Demoxie, is a combination of the words democracy and moxie. Etymology time – moxie is defined as a determination, nerve. However there is also an older soft drink named Moxie, and though it is debated about the origins of its name, it is believed to derive from an Algonquin/Abnaki word for […]


Demoxie is not a real word but in the book known as democracy with your voice, and your moxie. I looked up moxie and it means force of character, determination, or nerve. The circle believes in demoxie and are striving to make it part of the world. They want people in the circle to be able […]

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