Annotation 20-25

Mae mentions Mercer’s Toyota pickup.  Based on his occupation and salary I imagined the pickup to look like this .  #127   The book discusses congress people going transparent.  While there is no technology that lets Americans into every aspect of congress men and women’s lives C-Span does allow full access into the proceedings of congress […]

The Circle – Annotation #23

“‘Have you heard of Project 9?’ Project 9, as far as Mae knew, was the all-envompassing name for the secret research being done at the Circle.” I thought secrets were lies and that privacy is a crime! How strangely hypocritical! Wouldn’t that make a secret research project unethical by the Circle’s standards? This is just […]

Donald Judd

Dave Eggers talks about Donald Judd who was an american artist associated with minimalism. He was born 1928 and died in 1994. He tried to make objects that stood on their own become a part of a larger field. He also helped create the appreciation of interior design with his clean lines and uncluttered spaces. In […]

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