If you look up Demoxie in the dictionary or google you wont get the actual definition so this word is made up by the author. in the circle, Demoxie is explained to be the use of democracy with your voice. Demoxie is one of the more important concepts within the circle as it tends to […]


Demoxie is not a real word but in the book known as democracy with your voice, and your moxie. I looked up moxie and it means force of character, determination, or nerve. The circle believes in demoxie and are striving to make it part of the world. They want people in the circle to be able […]

Circle Annotation #5

Honestly, Demoxie seems like a good idea for the real world.  It is a quick and simple way to get information from people and to make a quick decision.  Just think of the opportunities that could arrive from using this tool ethically in the real world.  This could be the way we vote for elected […]

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