Machine Age

The machine age is known to be a time in the late 19th century and early 20th century. This age would be between the time of World war I and World War II. This is very significant because a lot of the workers in the Circle are from the Machine Age due to the technological […]


On page 350 Mae asked Annie how Geneva was. Annie reacted in a way that i found surprising because I didn’t know what Geneva was. When I looked it up it turned out to be just a location but what was Annie really talking about? #VCUcircle #350 #Geneva

Basic Instinct

In the circle, there was a night where the family sat down and watched a movie together. Mae’ s father insists that they watch a movie called Basic Instinct. Mae states that the movie makes her father “randy”. The movie is based on a police detective solving a murder in which a seductive woman is […]

Have Mercy, Mercer

Towards the end of the novel Mercer illustrates his antagonism towards Mae’s excessive use of the Circle technology. I believe Mercer’s significance within the novel is to show a second perspective of how technology helps people and not everyone wants to use it. On page 374 Mercer, along with Mae’s parents, insist that Mae no […]


If you look up Demoxie in the dictionary or google you wont get the actual definition so this word is made up by the author. in the circle, Demoxie is explained to be the use of democracy with your voice. Demoxie is one of the more important concepts within the circle as it tends to […]

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