Circle Annotation #30

Mae needs to start using her brain here, a person who has access to nearly every locked door inside the Circle is not a “troublemaker.”  Kalden is clearly high up in the totem pole at the Circle, but Mae continues to believe that he is up to no good. #VCUcircle #219

Circle Annotation #29

When Mae is talking to Dan about her borrowing of the kayak she thinks of Annie and how Annie won’t be able to assist Mae in this scenario.  But Mae is forgetting about Annie’s image.  Annie may be looked down upon because the only reason Mae got the job was through Annie.  Now the Circle […]

Circle Annotation #28

Mae already seems down whenever she goes to work and now she has a giant cast of secrets are lies; sharing is caring; and privacy is theft in her work space.  It seems to be a big slap in the face to Mae because she really doesn’t want to adhere to these rules, but she […]

Circle Annotation #27

The SeeChange cameras have an adverse effect on the people being viewed by the cameras.  Mae could not sleep the night after she committed her “crime.”  Mae is now embarrassed and is thinking about never going back to Marion again, which she never does again.  Then I continue to think… Was the lone kayak placed […]

Circle Annotation #26

I do not understand why Kalden is asking Mae all of these questions about her coworkers.  Who are they?  Do you hang out with them often?  He should knwo who they are since Kalden is one of the three wise men.  I think that if Kalden told Mae his true identity sooner then Mae may […]

Puking Sally

As Mae is using her technology for the Circle, she uploads a video called”Puking Sally”. After doing some research and looking up the significance of the video i have gathered there is no such thing as the “Puking Sally” video, although there may be a reference to that some but under a different title. #104 […]

Muhammad Yunus

A man by the name of Muhammad Yunus is mentioned on page #102 of the novel. In the Circle,  Muhammad Yunus is known to be the winner of the Nobel Prize. I wondered if he was a real person so i looked up his name! #VCUcircle #102 #MuhammadYunus

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