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VCU Resource of the Day: Copyright Guide for Students

VCU Libraries has published an informative guide to copyright. The guide is aimed at students, but provides useful nuggets for anyone anyone looking for basics about copyright.

The guide recognizes that students interact with copyright as both users and creators of copyrighted work. It may surprise students that copyright protection can apply to their work. Perhaps this surprise will spark an interest in copyright that may have been absent from the minds of students only thinking about proper ways to attribute copyrighted works.

The guide also points its visitors to other resources around the web, including a YouTube video summarizing the basics of copyright law using a mashup of clips from Disney movies. Disney has been a strong supporter of extending the length of copyright protection, so the professor who created the video is also a fan of the ironic. The concept for the film works better than its content; its creator admits that the film is kind of annoying. What do you think?


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