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Copyright issues on jerseys?

At the bottom of this article about the Phillies appears this copyright nugget:

 The Phillies will wear nicknames on their jerseys from August 25-27 as part of a leaguewide player’s weekend. But two players ran into trouble with copyrights and had their nickname requests denied. Zach Eflin wanted to wear “Led Zeflin” and Hoby Milner requested “Hoby Wan Kenobi.”

More information on the special, nickname-displaying jerseys can be found here, but what do you make of the copyright issue? If Zach Eflin wanted to stick with the nickname “Led Zeflin” on his jersey, what would be his best argument? Likewise, what was Major League Baseball’s best argument in prohibiting this particular nicknames? Do you see any others here that could raise some copyright issues?

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