Hello all,

I am a Senior at VCU studying (after much internal conflict) History. I also intern with a local farm and spend roughly 40 hours a week making  coffee for mostly people other than myself. I’ll look more than slightly tired on most Wednesdays. After I graduate this December I’ll be setting off the following Spring on a 5-6 month journey up the Appalachian Trail. This course is important to me both as an aspiring historian and as Richmond resident and I look forward to what we will see and learn. I am particularly looking forward to re-examining previously visited sites from a different perspective. See everyone soon!



Hey guys,

Like most of you I am also a senior History major here at VCU. Currently I work at Amuse in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts as a chef and after I graduate I plan on furthering my passion for southern food by using its history to further my understanding of how it developed. I’m excited to be taking this class with you all and Im looking forward to reading your posts.

Hope you enjoyed the snow, Stoked to see you Wednesday.


Welcome to the Richmond Cemeteries class, taught by Dr. Smith (VCU) and Dr. Winiarski (UR). This site is where you will find all the VCU students’ field reports (and many of the UR ones, too). The UR blog companion blog site is Richmond: City of the Dead.

We encourage you to make comments here, to encourage conversation about our findings and readings. All of this should be useful fodder to get students thinking about final projects. A related site, for more public information, can be found at Richmond’s Historic Cemeteries.


Hello Everyone,

I am a senior here at VCU. Like many of you taking this course, my major is in history. After completing my undergraduate requirements, I plan to pursue my Masters in Teaching.  Once I obtain my degree, I would like to teach middle schoolers. To be  more specific I would like to teach the 6th grade. This class seems like it’s going to be particularly enjoyable, since the class will be visiting the sites in person.  As a side note, our first book Western Attitudes Towards Death  was both informative and well written. It was interesting to see how different western countries have either evolved and or maintained their treatment of the dead, mourning practices and the like. I look foreword to working with all of you this semester.  Good luck with your studies.

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