I really enjoyed getting involved with the bike race! I never knew cycling was such a popular and interesting sport. It was so cool to meet people from all over the world. I had fun practicing my iPhone photography skills.

I haven’t used Twitter in a few years so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I found it easy and fun to tweet. I was so surprised to recieve responses from the people I was tweeting @! My tweets were favorited by VCU and the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, retweeted by a reporter/anchor from CNN and I was tweeted @ by VCU Police. It felt great to interact with my community and help generate buzz about the race.

I’m really glad I took this course. It was fun and simple and I ended up learning a lot about utilizing social media platforms as promotional tools. Creating a Storify was new and intersting. But specifically, I lerned how twitter operates and how to effectively use #hashtags. I think I’ll be using Twitter more often from now on.

Thanks Jeff and Dr. B!

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  1. That week really was something else! I had the same hesitation with twitter as you since I never used it too much. But I agree, it was such a fun time.

  2. I also really enjoyed this class and getting to be involved in the bike races. I was also favorited by VCU and retweeted by the VCU Police too. It is really cool how the information from our tweets got around and got published into a book too just from using certain hashtags. This course was really interesting and it was neat to learn a lot about cycling. I also agree that it was neat to get to use different platforms and social media that I had never used before. Some of the things such as storify, I had never even heard of until we did that assignment.

  3. It was really cool to have media outlets retweeting me too — kinda surreal! I’m happy about taking this course too! So fun!

  4. I felt the exact same way about twitter. It was so cool getting to interact with all these huge teams and cyclists over twitter.

  5. Using Twitter for reporting was definitely something that I was new to before this class, but seeing as how that’s the direction in which the field is moving and it’s how I get the majority of my news, it’s a super valuable skill that I’m glad I got to get an understanding of.

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