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I really enjoyed getting involved with the bike race! I never knew cycling was such a popular and interesting sport. It was so cool to meet people from all over…

The World in Richmond


iPhone Photography


Bike Race

Hi I’m Claire! I am a Cinema major with a minor in Philosophy and Creative Writing. I enjoy making movies, writing screenplays and cats. I signed up for this class…

Unit 3 Essay – Rough Draft

Unit 3 Essay – Rough Draft

Frye’s “Opression”

Frye’s discussion of oppression in the work place if highly relevant to my topic. While women once were prevalent in the film editing field, it is now dominated…

Unit 1 Paper

Claire Pfeiffer Ms. Boaz UNIV200 4 February 2015 Unit 1 Essay For a young girl, the Oscars are more than magical – the fancy tuxedos, elegant ball gowns,…

Short #4

“But what virginity is, what it was, and how it’s being used now to punish women and roll back their rights is at the core of the purity…

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