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Body language is attached to most of our daily life. It is a visually representation of what is going on inwardly.

This is to bring awareness to the use of body language and how it affects everyone’s life. This is such an important issue, that often gets overlooked because body language is like a second language to all of us, and it can either hurt us or help us. So by There are many forms of body language. So by informing people about it I hope it will make people think about how their body language will affect their lives.

body language of good first impressions

Types of Body Language:

Body language doesn’t just stop at your at your facial expressions. Body language involves your posture, how well you upkeep yourself, ect. Whether we realize it or not, body language plays a huge part in how we live.

Carol Goman Kinsey, (author of  “The Nonverbal Advantage”), says,” there are six expressions that are universally recognized and understood: joy, sadness, surprise, fear, contempt/disgust, and anger (61).” These forms are the main ones that are seen, and they are more often then not the initial reactions on our faces before we try to hide them with what we want people on the outside to see

Applicable uses for Body Language:


In a job interview, the interviewer judges the outward appearance of the interviewee to determine whether he or she is a good fit for the company. They may look at how the person is dressed, what their facial expressions

politics body language


In politics, body language is everything. America is always judging and trying to read all the candidates body language to see who is sincere about what they are talking about or whether they are lying. They look at their facial expressions, bodily gestures, how they react with the people, and whether what they are saying matches up with what is being said. It can literally make or break a candidates election.

Remember: Actions louder than words

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