Hello and a BIG welcome!

I’m Yin Wah Kreher, Instructor and Chief Learner (meaning I’m open to learning a lot from you), and I’d like to welcome you to this 2015 UNIV 291 summer course on Seeing Your Thoughts: Clear Thinking for Powerful Learning!

Look around you, can you see what a person is thinking? Uh-uh. This is a major challenge we face whether we are students or teachers. Sadly, most of what students do is largely hidden from the view of teachers, learners, peers and their families. The need for visibility is important for learners so that they can demonstrate their learning, experience powerful learning from their peers, teachers, and families (that is, others), obtain feedback so as to make progress and manage their own thinking. This last benefit – where students learn to manage their own thinking — helps them to improve their study skills.

In this course, I want to help learners who are struggling to articulate their thoughts. Together, we will explore ways to get ideas out of your head and into the open so that you can further sharpen your ideas and translate that idea into action. You will learn different tools and approaches to make your thinking visible.

My hope is that as a result of this course, you will cultivate thinking skills and dispositions that will help you to think more clearly and learn more powerfully for yourself across all your courses.

As an aside, I’ve taught for almost 20 years in Singapore and America. I love teaching. To steal the words of John Maxwell, I love being in a position where I can add value to lives.

Come on this learning journey with me [or maybe, you prefer to think of learning with a different learning metaphor], together we will strive to think better and learn better!

P. S. I can be reached via these means:

Twitter: @yinbk

Our Course Hashtag on Twitter: #vcuthink (for messages of a non-personal nature)

Email: ywkreher@vcu.edu (for personal messages)

Real-Time Chat: Via Google Hangout. Contact me via Twitter (Direct Message) or email to arrange for a one-to-one private session.

See you soon!


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