It is my honor to present to you — your Final Inquiry Projects (FIP) — masterpieces you have been working hard at.

Now, you have the privilege to provide feedback to everyone (except yourself) on these lovely projects (and your feedback will count for 10 points of the total FIP).


  1. Please access 4 of your peers’ feedback forms and offer your thoughtful comments on their efforts. Please do not rate your own project.
  2. When you click on any of the following forms, you will see 6 questions with 5 “dim” stars. You respond by selecting and clicking from a range of 1 to 5 stars. A One-Star rating means the effort is “Awful” and a Five-Star rating means the work is “Outstanding.”
    Question example for Final Inquiry Project peer assessment
  3. Following these 6 questions are 4 boxes where you can offer some brief comments.
  4. Please enter your Name. Submissions without names will be trashed to ensure authenticity of raters.
  5. When you have completed each form, please remember to SUBMIT the form for your data to be entered into the database seen only by me.

Your comments will be deeply appreciated. Thank you for your effort.

Emily Bennett’s Form

Kristen Davis’ Form

Michael Sharma’s Form

Olivia Sturgill’s Form

Stephanie Dougherty’s Form

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