Registering for UNIV 200

Please see these instructions and/or this video for information about how to register for UNIV 200. Note: the video is about registering for UNIV 112, but the process is exactly the same as for UNIV 200. You will register for my section of UNIV 200 at the same time you are currently taking UNIV 112. The chart below provides the appropriate CRNs (in blue) you will need to register:

UNIV 112 25638 16 Michael Abelson (P) TR 02:00 pm-03:15 pm UNIV 200 30 25143
UNIV 112 26204 33 Michael Abelson (P) TR 12:30 pm-01:45 pm

UNIV 200 66 27461
UNIV 112 31917 50 Michael Abelson (P) TR 09:30 am-10:45 am UNIV 200 83 29078
Please let me know if you have any difficulty or if you have any questions.

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