Personal Statement

From Far Away

For most of my life, I was bedridden as a very sick child.  Because of this, I spent less time around my peers.  My parents tried to compensate by having peers over, but I couldn’t go over to their houses because I could easily become ill.  Many of the physical activities that I loved had to be denied due to my illness.  I missed a lot of time from school, but it never affected my grades because I always kept up with the work.  Hard work was always expected in my family.  Because I was often ill, I had a very different perspective on social activities.  I became more of an observer and less of a participant.  I observed social activities from far away because of the distance from my peers.  Although this was a disadvantage, it let me see things from a unique angle.  While it made it harder to socialize with others, it made it easier to understand them.  It is easier to understand a problem when viewing from a distance.  Mentally, I learned to observe something without having an emotional connection to the problem.  I believe that this helps me to remain calm during crises.

Throughout my childhood, I have observed the world becoming darker and less hopeful. The news is filled with wars and violence.  There are more murders, school violence and general unrest.  It feels as if the good days are behind us.  Just like looking at my problems from a di

stance, I realized that I was unconnected to the world with this distance.  Nihilism isn’t a path through life but a retreat from it.  Just like your body can become sick so can your soul.  I decided that being an observer did not help anyone including me.  I got back on the path to do my part to push the world to a better path.  I know that sound very ambitious but if I am not doing something to help than I am doing nothing.  It is important to me to be part of the solution.  I want to give us some hope of salvation to make the world a better place.  I believe that sociology will give me the tools to make a difference.

I have a very analytical mind that likes to break problems into smaller pieces.  By breaking down the problems, it makes it easier to understand.  My generation does not want people to tell us the problem.  That is not the issue.  People know that we have multiple problems.  When we make it too big or global, it just overwhelms us.  We must explain it so that they understand the problem and help them to believe that it is important.  In this digital age, it is easy to get overwhelmed with information.  I know that what I seek is very ambitious.  I want to help people join and not give up on the world.  If I am going to make any difference, I need to be able to give people hope for a better future.  I know what it is like to feel hopeless about the future. It can defeat you if you let it.  I choose to be a part of the solution.  I choose hope over despair.  This path for me is much more hopeful and involved.