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Month March 2019

Post 8

Robert Doyle Week 10-Blog 8 SOCY 327-March 28, 2019 Definition/s of gentrification? “There is no universally agreed upon definition of gentrification. The New Oxford American Dictionary defines it innocuously as “the process of renovating and improving a house or district… Continue Reading →

Blog 7

Robert Doyle Week 9-Blog 7 Urban Sociology 327 Textbook Analysis      In the textbook, there is very little information about climate change or how it affects specific cities or racial groups.  First, I looked at the index to see certain… Continue Reading →

Blog 6

Robert Doyle Week 8, Blog 6 SOCY 327 Dear Tom, I thought about your recent letter talking about the climate change.  I know that you think this is just been a political issue with no real substance.  I hope you… Continue Reading →

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