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Month April 2019

Blog 12

Robert Doyle SOCY 327-Urban Sociology Evaluation What did you most like about this course? What will you most remember from this course?   I enjoyed all the readings and the videos.  I have always enjoyed Ted Talks and found these… Continue Reading →

Blog 11

Robert Doyle SOCY 327 Week 13-Blog 11 Myths Three Myths about Crime Myth 1 One of the biggest myths is that violent crime is increasing in America.  This is not true. According to the FBI violent crime has decreased by… Continue Reading →

Blog 10

Robert Doyle SOCY 327 Week 12, Blog 10 Introduction: My name is Robert Doyle and I am a student at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va.  I am very interested in pursuing an internship with you during the summer.  I… Continue Reading →

Blog 9

Robert Doyle Week 11, Blog 9 SOCY 327 Letter to the editor To Whom It May Concern: Addressing the problems with the housing crisis is not as simple as people just working harder.  There are historical barriers that continue to… Continue Reading →

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