Robert Doyle

SOCY 327-Urban Sociology


  1. What did you most like about this course? What will you most remember from this course?


I enjoyed all the readings and the videos.  I have always enjoyed Ted Talks and found these very informative.  It was very interesting to see different news reports and see how all the areas that we discussed are still problems today.


  1. What could make the course better? What could I do as a professor to make your experience better?


Sometimes the amount of reading was overwhelming, but it was all relevant.  As a professor, you did a great job.  You were incredibly supportive and positive during the online experience.


  1. With parameters of a 15-week course, what’s another topic you wish we had been able to cover?

I couldn’t think of another topic.  I think this would be a difficult course to cover in summer school because there is a lot of information.  It takes the entire semester to cover this material.

  1. Are there any topics within the course that you found interesting? Boring? Leaving out? Doing more?

The topic of education is very important.  I did my second paper on it, so I read a lot outside of the class.  None of it was boring. It made me think differently about many things.  It made me appreciate all that I have.

  1. What did you like/not about the cities of focus?


I would like to have seen more focus on Richmond and surrounding areas.  Often, the big cities get more attention.  Many of the same problems are happening in our city.


  1. Experience with Instagram?


I liked doing the Instagram.  I appreciated the fact that you didn’t make us comment on others’ posts.  I have done that in other classes and I always pick those that are good, so I don’t know if it is useful information.



  1. Exams?


I am not a fan of exams.  I always get anxious prior to them and don’t think that they really measure what I have learned.  I think a final third paper would be better than a final exam but that is me.


  1. Final thoughts


I really did learn a lot in this course.  It was a lot of reading and a lot of papers.  I do best when I put my thoughts on paper, so I didn’t mind.  I am a thinker by nature, so the course made me think.

instagram is coghere22