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My name is KáLyn Coghill and my pronouns are she/her/Beyoncé (yes this is my pronoun and once you get to know me it will all make sense). I am from Richmond, Virginia (Highland Park) and Antioch/Sacramento California  — I lived in both places equally off and on through my childhood starting at 6 mos. I am a second-semester doctoral student in the Media, Art, and Text program.

I have some background in HTML and CSS. It all began coding my myspace page back in the day and I kept at it leisurely as a side hustle (helping with websites and blogs). I am really looking forward to learning more about Python and really gaining/polishing some skills to make


me a more efficient researcher.


My favorite fact about myself is that I am the second oldest of 10! Yes, you read that right, ten!

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  1. Hi KáLyn!
    Nice to meet you.
    I really like the colors of your website. I also wanted to say that it’s really cool that you’re from Antioch/Sacramento! My parents actually live in Antioch right now and I also have a lot of family in Sac. Nice to see a fellow Californian 🙂


  2. I am delighted to have you back in class! I am really excited to hear your perspectives on the material from methodological perspective. As far as being the second oldest of ten, WOW! I am always fascinated by big families. I have a friend who is one of 15, and I always wonder how caregivers managed it all. 🙂

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