Blog 7: High School Teachers “Preparing us for College”

As we all know, high school teachers tend to make college seem scary or way overwhelming. They always compare high school to college as if high school is a hundred times easier. Most of my high school teachers would tell me that professors don’t care about helping us students and won’t be understandable if we turn in a project late. Now that I have come to VCU, I have realized that my previous teachers have been lying to me the whole time!
One thing that I have noticed about college work is that it is only easy if the student stays on top of her/his work. In my own college experience, I like to stay ahead of the game and finish things with days to spare before the due date. Doing this takes away the anxiety of having to finish assignments hours before they are due. That is when college gets stressful. Comparing this to high school, most of the assignments given didn’t need critical thinking, so I actually could wait until the last day to do my assignments.
My previous high school teachers always emphasized how mean or scary college professors will be. But that is not the case whatsoever. When classes first started, I was a bit intimidated by the professors due o my mindset. However with weeks in the semester, I realized how often my professors would encourage us to come to their office hours and ask them questions. About halfway into last semester, I decided to start going to my professors office hours more often. This made me realize that the best resource for help is our professors! They are also very understanding if a student notifies interferences ahead of time.
When I come back to my hometown and decide to visit my High School, I can’t wait to tell my teachers how amazing my college experience is going so far. I hav not had any terrifying teachers and I have not had so much work to the point where I can’t think straight. If this is the way that teachers are trying to “prepare us for college” then they are doing it completely wrong. Instead of trying to intimidate us, maybe they should encourage us. Maybe they should tell us to go to class every day and stay on top of your work. In my own experience, I have only had one teacher who gave me good advice about college and all of the others have intimidated me. But now I can tell them that they are wrong and that college isn’t as bad as it seems.

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  1. I agree with you 100%, my high school teachers also made college seem so scary and hard. One myth that they told me was that college professors don’t use presentations and that they just speak. This is very false because all of my professors use presentations and they also post them online, so we can access them later. Another myth is the fact that there are so study guides. So far in all my classes, the professors have provided a study guide. Some even would make their test very similar to the study guide. Overall, it’s crazy to even say, but I think that college is easier than high school.

  2. I agree with this post. I think a lot of times during our high school experience, people made it seem like we would be all on our own at college and that professors wouldn’t care to help us, but it is the exact opposite. I was also pretty intimidated those first few and didn’t want to ask for help about certain things but once I learned that the professors really don’t mind helping and really want to help it made me open up more and go to the all the resources that are provided here. All of the professors I have had have made a big impact on me and seem to be doing a good job preparing me for life outside or after college.

  3. I really liked your blog and relate to so much! My high school teachers made me think college was going to be terrible as if our professors would not care. It is the complete opposite! Comparing college to high school, my professor seem more willing to help and see me succeed unlike my teachers in high school. They made me think I was on my own, oh well I graduated.

  4. I definitely agree that high school teachers do make it seem that college is going to be so bad and that professors are so mean. I believe that high school teachers need to better prepare students for college and not scare them about high school. Because when high school teachers do this it can set the future college student up for failure because then they are scared to ask the professors for help. Also, teachers should try to be more realistic when they are giving advice to students because college can be a huge surprise, especially when you do not know what expect.

  5. I completely understand this! I had a lot of teachers tell us that college was going to be awful and professors were not going to want to interact. I also was very intimidated the first few weeks or so because I did not want to mess up and I had the mindset that my professors were extremely strict. Luckily for me it turned out to be the opposite! So far I have enjoyed all my professors. They have all been extremely helpful and want to see me succeed. Now comparing high school to college, all I have to say for myself is that it is not really different. I have always been a person who is on top of their work and is prepared for class, so the transition to college for me was not that stressful once I got comfortable. It definitely takes a lot more time management than high school did, but overall I feel as if I am doing the same amount of work here that I did last year. I will say college work makes me think more critically, but luckily I have not experienced work that has been to strenuous. I agree about wishing that high school teachers would tell students that as long as you do your work and go to class college can be a great experience!

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