Blog 10: My traveling experience

Traveling has always been my absolute favorite thing to do. I love going to new places and seeing how different a country’s culture is compared to America. I was lucky enough to be put into a family that loves to travel, so I have been to quite a few places.
I first began my traveling experience really young. My family took me and my cousins to Disney World when I was three years old for the first time. We went a handful of times after that and it was an amazing experience! I have been to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon and go hiking. I have also been to Arkansas, Georgia, Nevada, California, Tennessee, and the border states of Virginia. I really enjoyed all of these vacations, however, it wasn’t until I began traveling internationally that my love for traveling really began.
I have been to many tropical places south of America such as Costa Rica, Bahamas, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Mexico. I was completely fascinated as to how different everyhting was. The cars, the money, the infrastructure. What really made me love these places, however, were the people. The first time I went to Costa Rica with my family, we stayed at a beach called Playa Grande. Come to find out the name for the beach was pretty ironic. Playa Grande was a small town that had a very friendly society. Every time I would go into shops or even restaurants, the locals were so sweet and patient due to the fact that everything was labeled in Spanish. They would even joke with us and have the whole family laughing. I love how happy the Costa Ricans were when they weren’t the richest of the rich. I feel like in America, if somebody is in a lower class, they tend to be more of an angry or sad person. This is why Costa Rica was my favorite place I visited in South America.
My all time favorite vacation was last summer when I went to Europe for the first time with my two best friends. We first went to Paris which was absolutely beautiful. The architecture of the old churches, such as the Notre Dame, were absolutely breath taking. The second country we visited was Croatia. Croatia was my favorite place that I have ever traveled to because of how played back the community was. Nobody was in a rush. Nobody was having a bad day. Everybody would just go about their business and if you were to approach a Croatian, they would instantly put a smile n your face. Croatia is a lot less touristy, so it was nice seeing how a normal day would really be in Croatia.
I decided to talk about my traveling experiences because I love hearing about other peoples! Please feel free to comment a story (t was be funny, cool, fascinating, whatever!) of your traveling experience. It always fascinates me to hear where other people have gone on this Earth and what they experienced.

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  1. Its amazing that you were able to go to so many different places and explore so many different cultures. I personally never go anywhere so all the wonders of the world are just in my mind lol. I think that being able to see the world at a young age too really just makes it even better because you can see and do more. I have only been to the Bahamas, Mexico, Haiti, and Jamaica (but those were only for a day). Anyways I always love immersing myself in the different cultures, it feels so much more freeing to do something that isn’t my everyday routine. Please do continue to talk about your traveling experiences I would love to hear more.

  2. I have travelled travelled to 5 of the 7 continents. My favorite cities I have visited are Rio De Janeiro, Rome , and Kauai. This summer is going to be different, I am traveling with no family. I have always travelled with a relative and it’s a great feeling to finally feel truly independent. I plan on going down to Mexico with a few friends and have a good time on the beaches down there.

  3. I think it is so cool that you got to travel to so many different places. I love traveling even though I haven’t done it that much and I don’t get a chance to do it that often. But I have plans to go to different countries when I get out of college. I’ve never gotten the chance to travel out of the country so I’m so jealous that you went to Costa Rica and Paris because that is like my dream; but you’ve given me even more to look forward to and I hope you can continue to travel and do what you love!

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