February 2021

2/4/21 Bi-monthly attendanceĀ  of the VA Governor’s Long Term Care COVID 19 Task Force, virtually. Several speakers on urgent updates of COVID 19 vaccination clinics with LTC facilities. Discussion on number of COVID 19 cases, the variant, mortality and morbidity within LTC. Staffing shortages within LTC. We have close to 300 nursing homes in VA that we monitor closely.

2/10/21I would like to find a tool to detect SDOH that will assist with the creation of a tailored lifestyle modification plan for each patient. I am seeking these tools via a literature search and will also talk with the EHR specialist at UVA.

2/11/21 attendance of virtual VCU CReSS workshop regarding retainment of participants in research studies. Excellent presentation with practical resources.

2/12/21 Governor’s LTC Wellness Task force virtual meeting. Discussion of staffing shortage in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Discussion of vaccinations clinics.

2/14/21 Watched video “Heard” , Stories of surviving and thriving in an American housing project. Filmed in Richmond, VA. Hit home because our university is in Richmond and I work with low income seniors living in public housing near the school of nursing. Poignant story about the life of children growing up in low income public housing in urban community facing crime, drugs, jail and homicide. The subtle message of hope through various mentorship opportunities and the positive effect of a strong role model and exposure to outdoor nature and team exercise. The building of trust through hard work in team strengthening exercises.

2/22/21 I have registered to become a member of the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) to assist with COVID 10 vaccination for the community where I reside in central Virginia affiliated with the Blue Ridge Health Department. I look forward to serving my community to vaccinate our population with COVID 19 vaccine.

I will soon be oriented to work as a Nurse Practitioner volunteer at the Greene County Free Clinic, a rural area in Central Virginia. The clinic depends completely on volunteer health care providers.


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