April 2021

“Strength Based Leadership” by Tom Rath &Barry Conchie (2008).

After reading the above book and taking the Gallup Strengths Assessment,  The Team Comes First comes to mind similar to the  Marine’s slogan “Semper fidelis” the Latin phrase that translates to “Always Faithful” or “Always Loyal”.

As an advanced practice nurse in 2021, our role as a leader is more important than ever before. Not only are we working and going to graduate school during the worst pandemic in history, but we are faced with a patient population with an escalating level of acuity. As well as the highest cost of health care per patient in the world,

No wonder the AACN has endorsed the DNP as the education level for entry into practice for APRNs. The DNP programs throughout the country growing exponentially each year.

Yes, we need leadership strengths as DNPs who lead health care teams to develop better patient outcomes and reduce the cost of healthcare.

Based on my Gallup Strengths Assessment, the themes of Empathy, Input, Strategic, futuristic and achiever were awarded to me. The key is to utilize these strengths during my DNP project with my team. Team work is vitally important for us as nurses to create positive change in our working environment.

As a DNP team player, my empathy allows me to understand what my DNP team mates are feeling and enhances our communication to foster trust which we must promote to be successful. Strategic thinking skills of input, strategic and futuristic will be an asset to lead my DNP team. As an achiever, our team will be on a good track to execute our “plan” for enhanced health outcomes for our patient population with a reduction in health care cost.


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