September 2021

This is a very exciting semester because I am involved with a wonderful DNP project with the VCU Department of Rheumatology and the VCU Quality Improvement Team. We met recently and the QI Director Dr. Georgia McIntosh is excited about my DNP project to be utilized as a quality outcome measure to enhance patient satisfaction within VCU Rheumatology. My project sponsor is Dr. Rabia Gill, an excellent Rheumatologist who completed her fellowship at VCU and also holds a position on the QI team.

My project will entail enhancement of physical movement for patients with Rheumatoid arthritis to enhance physical strength and joint mobility for maintenance of activities of daily living and independence at home. I will use the PROMIS tool for measurement. I am developing a module for patient education to b utilized with motivational communication and close weekly contact with each of the 30 patients that I will follow for 8 weeks. My goal is to implement this measurement tool and module within the department to be handed off to one or more of the RNs. Engagement of the stakeholders who include: patients, providers, nurses, ancillary staff and hopefully EHR informatics.

My current courses are giving me the tools and knowledge to implement the project. Meetings with my sponsor and QI team will occur on a regular basis. Updates will be posted on my site.

My position as a graduate teaching assistant with Dr. Jenny Landen who is teaching advanced health assessment skills for 120 nurse practitioner students is exciting. My role is busy with didactics and hands on lab work with the students. I will also present the pulmonary lecture to the students in person. The students include masters and DNP and all are very motivated.

My role as a research assistant with Dr. Chung has been fruitful and have had the opportunity work with wonderful seniors who reside in low income housing ( RHWP) near the SON.

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