March 2022

My DNP project has been implemented and will end in less than 2 weeks. It is going very well with patient participation and enthusiasm from the VCU Rheumatology Attendings. Because of a delay in the start date for implementation and some patient drop-outs, there are 15 patients in the project rather than 30. Many of the patients have progressed from the precontemplation stage of change to the action stage. This is very exciting for the patient outcomes.

By utilizing 5 measurement tools, there is much data collection. I am amazed at the patients who have moved to the action stage given their social determinants of health issues along with their rheumatoid arthritis symptoms of joint pain and fatigue. Over half the patients are working full time and been able to incorporate some movement activity into to their daily lives with this project.

The patient and provider interest with this coaching project has led to my goal for sustainability of this project. Provision of my coaching video and electronic brochures for patients will allow many more patients to become involved with exercise as adjunct therapy for their rheumatic disease.

My desire to publication  this project in a healthcare journal may lead other health care providers and institutions to utilize the coaching concept for their patients with chronic disease.

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