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This picture of all these people on cell phones shows you how easy someone can get lost in a world full of wireless technology. It is a shame that these items have went from being an item for emergencies, to our society’s new cultural objects. Culture objects are physical items that are created by and associated with people who share the same culture. I say this because cell phones are now found in most everyone’s daily lives. You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing a ton of people using them.
The first cell phones were massed produced in 1992, this was still back when they were not a common thing to have. Just imagine our world today without cell phones, I bet most of you would cry yourselves to sleep because you wouldn’t know what to do. It is more than impossible to imagine that since literally everywhere you could go in the world has cell phones and mass amounts of people using them at all times. No one ever would have thought that back when they were first invented that someday they would actually be cultural objects to us, and that we would rely on them so heavily.
Now days they are such a common thing to have that they are made to do things people would have never thought possible. People can call, text, check their email, and go on the internet at any moment they want. So with all these capabilities no wonder why we are losing real human bonding time, that actually creates friendships and life long bonds. People these days would rather send you a text than actually sit down and have a real conversation. That is just one of many prime examples of how people can lose themselves to technology without even knowing it.

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