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After I finished reading the assigned article,  As We May Think, I looked up the Wikipedia page on the article.  My reason for doing so was to check what year it came out, as I recall (1945).  I then searched for other places that the quote I choose to write on popped up, if it was used in any other published works.  What I ended up finding was a related quote that I felt helped illustrate my point and that I wanted to include in the post.

I must be honest and say that I do not think this particular segment of search history is very telling to my thought process. In looking at it and reading the above, it is evident that that the segment makes the way I think seem quite linear. I suppose it is sometimes, specifically when I am using a computer, but I do not think the image encapsulates anything central in regards to my way of thinking.

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  1. Your Second paragraph is exactly how i felt about this assignment, my browser history was seriously just all stuff for the current assignment i was on. Normally however i feel like i am all over the place, and a small snap shot of me being goal oriented did not do that justice.

  2. I think the reason that your browser history was so linear was simply because you chose the most direct way to find a solution. You needed a piece of information about the quote, so why not just Google the quote? That way of working can be both good (efficient) but also limiting.

  3. I agree with you on your second paragraph as well, because I also did not think my history had anything to do with the way I think, although, I feel like you did a lot more research than I did, which I thought was pretty cool. I honestly just read the article and chose the first thing that meant something to me and found a picture to go with it. But you did go a little deeper into it which I found interesting.

  4. After reading the article I also checked the year to see when it was published. It was amazing that it was published in 1945, but predicted events 60 years from then. It makes you wonder, how do people know this stuff. It was a good idea to find a quote that related to the text. It shows that others are thinking about the same concepts. You are lucky that your browser history is linear, because mine is scatterbrain. It took me forever to finish my work, because I was stopping and looking up pictures and quotes. Overall, excellent post.

  5. After reading your post I found myself agreeing completely with you on how the screenshot was not an accurate representation of myself either. I think that our brain works so fast and never in the same way so there are times that we are thinking in a linear fashion and other times where our thoughts haven’t found what they were looking for.

  6. I agree in that the way we think isn’t always as linear as a search history appears to be. And while a search history could be good visual example of what associative trails are, I feel like it is limiting to what an associative trail really is.

    I feel like a better example of an associative trail is could be described as a reaction complex in which one one thought triggers thought after thought.

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