Texting My Dream

My primary text is currently this article (http://pokernewsboy.com/5-ways-online-poker-has-changed-the-game) about how online poker has changed the game entirely.  A game that used to be an entirely social experience, often having a great deal to do with looking across a table at an opponent and trying to size them up, has had that segment eradicated. The math is still applicable to the game when played hundreds of miles from each other, but the players have gotten younger because information on the game is more readily available as is the game itself.

Much of the topics I see my classmates steering to surround the idea of social implications/shifts that technology has brought about and  the advantages/disadvantages thereof. There is not an easily sought out advantage to poker I suppose, but the social and psychological aspects of the game becoming one that does not have to be played face to face fascinates me. Its like the difference between a conversation in person or one by text. You word things differently, there are confidence shifts, and more intricate changes than I could list. The topic may not have earth shattering significance, but I think there is something in it to be found about our generations emerging/newly emerged culture and social normalities.

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