The Interpretation of Dreams

As stated in my previous post, as of now I am researching online poker, how technology has shifted the game and how I feel the changes mirror shifts in our generations set of social norms.

The article speaks of how new players online “Poker software allows poker players to not only test theories and strategies but to see the real-world results of these experiments in mere seconds.”  In the old days, you’d of had to record every hand you have played and the outcome and then sift through  the data yourself, but today, the same advantage can be gained by the click of a mouse. It reminds me of an effect the iPhone has had on us; arguments about easily verifiable facts are fading, because if one side has an iPhone at there aide, they can end the discussion pretty quickly. Mental prowess and skill are not as crucial with the use of these softwares in poker, and google has become and academic crutch (or at least sometimes; it is also an amazing tool to use, I do not mean to deal in absolutes). 

The players are getting younger. In the game  of online poker, “younger players have an edge, both in terms of understanding the technology, being motivated, and having the free time to do it.” Another aspect is how much easier it has become to practice and gain the skill. Online, you can play five times as many hands a night as you can in person, maybe even ten.  When I was 11, I did not know how to use a DVD player or send an email, any of that. My 11 year old sister is a master at maneuvering Twitter, Facebook, Netflix and all other technological tools at our disposal that for the time being I have to strain to understand! The contenders are getting younger, in online poker, and, for similar reasons, people ten years younger then me can communicate with each other and the world as much as I can, but better. 

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