I have been pursuing information about the emotional effects of technology. For the first few stages of my research, my topic was more broad, and so some of the information I have accumulated will not be of use to be in my final paper, although all of it was informative and interesting, and some of it is directly relevant. Much of it was about the change in the way we process information, which naturally effects how we process our emotions/react to our surroundings in an emotional sense. I am sure there are positive effects as well as negative in this regard, but of the small amount of writings I have found on the subject, next to none of them have included the positive side of the issue. And so, I will end up focusing on the potential harmful effects, in hopes that they will inform on how to avoid/lessen the emotionally hindering reactions to excessive use of technology.

I have found that the use of technology an average to above average amount can make you feel more self conscious, can make you much more forgetful, and increase the odds of a restless nights sleep. All of this leads to a potential lack of mental clarity and emotional health. I think it is important to understand these possibilities because they are as easy to let get out of hand as they are to avoid entirely. The effects will not ruin your life, I do not mean to make it sound so dramatic, but I feel the unpleasant effects most days, and am learning that they are easily remedied.

And that is what I want to show upon my complete investigation. What the negative emotional effects of technology are, what causes them, and how to avoid them. The goal being to avoid these undesirable developments while still being able to utilize the amazing tools our day and age allows us.

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  1. Be sure to focus on a particular tool and the functions of it, Colin. “Technology” is huge, so be sure to narrow the scope for your specific topic then fine-tune to fit exactly how you’re looking at it. For instance, you raise many important concerns with the ramifications of use, though all are fairly distinct (losing sleep, being self-conscious, etc.). What would yo u like to give focus? Or, what’s the thread that weaves these? What kind of technology are you discussing? Facebook use, for instance? What specifically about it?

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