Personal Dynamic Media

A composer could hear his composition while it was in progress, particularly if it were more complex than he was able to play. He could also bypass the incredibly tedious chore of redoing the score and producing the parts by hand. Learning to play music could be aided by being able to capture and hear one’s own attempts and compare them against expert renditions. The ability to express music in visual terms which could be filed and played means that the acts of composition and self-evaluation could be learned without having to wait for technical skill in playing.”

All of the other nuggets from readings that I have chosen for my posts are because they were my favorite part from that given reading assignment. I enjoyed Personal Dynamic Media, but I choose this part of it because I feel I have an insight into what it is saying, and an opinion that does not line up with the one expressed. I have been learning and playing music for 8 years, and writing music for 2. My two brothers have been making music as much as I have, and writing even more than I have (they study music, so they have more time for it in their schedule). I can attest that it is pretty unlikely to be able to compose music beyond your technical skill level. For the most part, your technical skill level will be the most accurate summation of what you currently understand about the instrument. Being able to apply theoretical knowledge that you cannot work out technically may make sense in other fields, but as far as in music, it would be like using a word outside of your vocabulary. True, as said, you may learn more rapidly being able to hear all of your attempts and compare them, and more visual learners will surely flourish by use of this tool. But I have not met anyone who is writing music more complicated than they themselves have the ability to perform. In my experience, the mind does not really work that way, in terms of creative composition. Perhaps they are out there, a few geniuses here and there who this comes easy to, but it was said in a broad sense, and I felt the need to state that I find it a falsehood.

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