Future Thoughts

The focus of my topic is the emotional effects of technology, specifically the negative effects, which I settled for; the amount of positive effects written about and published were so few that a list of the two would be skewed. I think over the next ten years, this will change and there will be a lot more published on these ideas, and, hopefully, on both ends of the spectrum. In time, there will be more research done, instead of just theory and speculation, which is a large portion of the literature on the matter today. But the research will be difficult to gather, because the changes are subtle and over time, not to mention, often relatively unconscious. And even once the data is gather and processed, none of it will apply to everyone, for technology effects us all differently. But I do think the coming decade will expand upon this issue, for I feel it will become more and more prominent with the further growth of technology at our disposal.


The Internet has not been in widespread use for as long as we may feel like it has. Cell phones haven’t been popularly embraced for very long either. These are the main two technological waves of the last stretch of tim that have effected us the most, socially, and so I infer that they will be the two/are the two to cause the most significant emotional shift. As a society, we are beginning to feel the shifts, but it hasn’t really been long enough yet to predict what will happen next, or to confidently explain what has happened already. These are some things I want to write about a bit in my final project, but it will not be easy to find writings on the matters, because I truly believe that it will take more time to understand the topic fully. My paper will not so much argue a side of an issue as it will argue there is an issue. The negative qualities are the ones most readily available, so they will be examined and elaborated on by me, but it would be wonderful is someone were to happen across what I wrote, disagree completely and write about the opposing view. Thats what we need, is more people actively thinking about this topic, learning more about the effects our technology has on our psyche that we don’t know are taking place/may not like very much.

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