HashtagI’m finally starting to use Twitter. Sort of. At the beginning of the academic year I signed up for a Twitter account, followed several VCU related people and units, and then did not return. A month or so ago I sent my first tweet — hashtags and all. I have visited Twitter several times over that past couple of weeks, retweeting and skimming other people’s tweets.

Soon I will tweet about the course. But first we need to figure out a hashtag. It must be related to the title of the course (which we have none), clever, obvious, and short. Seems like a lot to ask.

3 thoughts on “#hashtag

  1. Thanks for the article, Gardner. It was just that kind of complexity (and flexibility) that made choosing a hashtag challenging. As I talked about in my most recent post, picked one to use for the course and for all of CEnR at VCU, but it is primarily functional. As someone who is new to all this, it seems fitting that I’d start back where the hashtag did.

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