Making # of CEnR

recite-esbhu9Success! We have decided to use #VCUCEnR with the course. Actually, we have decided to use it to refer to all things related to community-engaged research (CEnR) within and across VCU. Here were the deciding factors:
• The course is about CEnR
• CEnR is an abbreviation used by others across the university and in the field
• It is short so it won’t take up many characters
• There aren’t that many in the space
• #hashtags are ephemeral, like the internet, and so we can always use a different one (Good point Tom Woodward @twoodwar)

A clear draw back is that most of us don’t understand the importance of that little “n”. Apparently, that “n” is all that differentiates community-engaged research from a medical procedure or a Greek goddess. Well, maybe not all that differentiates between them.

So, be on the lookout for #VCUCEnR. And let us know if you think of another good one that could be more course-specific.

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