Leaving the Land of the Unicorns For the Land of 1000 Dances

dancing unicornsI have been talking with people about the course every chance I get. The conversation goes something like this, “We are developing a connected learning course on community-engaged research (CEnR). It is going to be great. We’d love for you to get involved. I can even send you the second draft of the first page of the syllabus.”

Then the questions follow, some of them I can even answer specifically, but all of them are basically answered like this: “at this point it can do anything, it can even bring the unicorns back.”

There is a phase in the development of any Big Idea where it is all possible. The Big Idea can solve all the world’s problems, or at least address most of the related issues. It can, if you believe hard enough, bring the unicorns back.

The magic doesn’t fade when you move out of that phase, but it is different. All is no longer possible. The magic is found in the collaboration and in the details. It is found in the dance.

We are no longer traveling through the land of the Big Idea. By the end of our meeting on Wednesday, we will be solidly in the land of 1000 Dances.  It is the land of learning the technical movements, who our partners are, how we move together, how it will look at the end of it; all while still leaving space to be spontaneous.

This course will be as good as its partners. Join us!


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