Video Stars!

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The filming for the course trailer for CMST 691 Collaborative Curiosity: Designing Community-Engaged Research has officially started! Last week we came up with the framework for the video – who should be featured, what people should generally say, and how to get it done in a week. Yes, a week. The deadline for course registration was moved up this year, and since this is the first time we are launching a course from scratch, this was a surprise to us.

Yesterday Tessa McKenzie and I worked with Molly Ransone on taping our parts. Molly is very skilled at getting the best out of people. With all the new technology we are learning to use with this course, being in front of the camera has been the most difficult for me.

The course trailer also means that we are working on our mother blog so a picture of it can be shown, which means all kinds of decisions have to be made. Tom Woodward has helped us with deciding what we need on the mother blog and how to make it happen.

Tomorrow we learn how to use google hangout and how to save it to youtube with Dr. Maghboobah Mosavel (an amazing community-engaged researcher who teaches a CBPR course at VCU and will play an important role in this course). Laura Gogia is helping to make this happen (as she has with so many other aspects of this course and teaching me about connected learning!). Other wonderful people who have agreed to be on the video with very short notice include Albert Walker, community-academic liaison; Marvin H Chau and Kyra Youngblood, VCU students; Margot Ackermann, community researcher and others who are still working out the details.

With this kind of support and talent, it is a good thing that video already killed the radio star.

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