Collaborative Curiosity – A Summer Course

The course has been announced! This is what we are saying.

We are happy to announce a summer doctoral-level course on community-engaged research (CEnR). Please share widely inside and outside of VCU.

CMST 691: Collaborative Curiosity: Designing Community-Engaged Research

May 18 to July 12, 2015 (8 weeks)

This course is a MOOC. If you haven’t heard, a MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course. MOOCs are open and free to anyone. This course is designed for everyone, including you. Here’s why:

You are someone who seeks answers to important questions. You look to collaborate with others to find answers and develop solutions. You know that expertise is found everywhere in our communities. You see partnerships as a powerful strategy to accomplish good work. And you want to understand how research can have a real world impact. You are interested in learning more about community-engaged research – CEnR.

This VCU-sponsored MOOC will give you an opportunity to learn along side students, faculty and community members from VCU, Richmond and around the globe. As we explain in our course trailer we’ll explore how CEnR is an approach to research that values the expertise of diverse stakeholders. We will learn how to identify these talented partners and involve them in designing and conducting good research. We will uncover the ideas and techniques of CEnR together through connected learning and social media. We will demonstrate that connected learning – like CEnR – promotes genuine engagement in learning and research through openness and collaborative curiosity.

VCU Student Course Enrollment
VCU doctoral students may enroll in this course (CMST 691) for 3 credit hours at the current VCU tuition and fee rates. Completion of a graduate-level research course is a prerequisite. Contact Dr. Valerie Holton, Director for Community-Engaged Research, for pre-approval to register at

For more information about participating in this MOOC, please visit our course blog or ​email To follow us on Twitter, use #CuriousCoLab (course-specific) and #VCUCEnR (general)

Connect with the Instructors
Valerie Holton, PhD, LCSW
A Journey in Collaborative Curiosity

Tessa McKenzie, MPH
Pro-Community Engagement

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