Defining Community-Engaged Research

What is community-engaged research (CEnR)? This seems like an important question to consider as we are thinking about developing a course about it.

VCU has a definition that was developed by the Council for Community Engagement. Check out the video created by Amy Calhoun during her internship with us. Thanks Amy!


We had a faculty learning community on Excellence in CEnR at VCU last year that struggled with what that definition means in practice and how it applies to various questions situated in various disciplines. Check out the Excellence in Community-Engaged Research at Virginia Commonwealth University: A Compendium of Case Studies Developed Through a Faculty Learning Community that was developed out of that experience. We are thinking about an interactive way to display the case studies and to incorporate more information. We welcome your ideas about that.

During the course we hope to come to a deeper understanding, together, about CEnR. Just as with CEnR, this course will have a better chance of answering questions and improving the way we do things through our collaboration.


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